Lostconversation - Marco Bagni

I'm a digital craftman.
As freelance motion designer I use a wide set of skills and technologies, for creating video, images, interactive experiences. I create worlds, either with academic-proof content or consciousness-based artworks.
My journey began with learning the craft of digital design in Italy, and after backpacking a big chunk of the oriental world I’ve found home in multi-culti Berlin.
I collaborate with a network of other talented professionals to create clever, engaging and user-oriented digital products: explainer video, maps, infographics and data visualization for worldwide clients and Berlin agencies.
In my artistic work I play at the intersection of Art Science and Metaphysics, with the aim of celebrating the amazing connections within the human multi-dimensional perspective.
I'm always up for self-initiated or commissioned projects especially those involving time travel experiences, so do get in touch!

 marco [at] lostconversation [dot] com
+49 (0)176 71991357

Talks & Exhibits

2018 - Hi Knowledge Workshop - Hannover
2018 - Digital Design Days + OFFF Milano
2017 - #MapTime Berlin
2017 - Web Reputation - Università di Bologna 
2016 - AVI Festival - Jerusalem
2015 - Motion plus Design - Paris
2013 - Creativity Day - Milano
2013 - Visualizing the World - Barcelona 


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Member of:

Worth Knowing Productions
Hi Knowledge
Art & Science Node
Unfolding the Planet

Worked with:

Freie Universität Berlin 
University of Glasgow
University of Bournemouth
National Geographic Channel
Archeology Museum Chemnitz
Expo Milano 2015
Touch of Modern
Swiss Post
BNP Paribas

Berlin agencies:

Golden Section Graphics