Interactive 3d experiences in real-time!

This interactive up here is my first render using WebGL canvas:
a 3d landscape with some interactive features like dragging, camera movement on button click and post-processing glitch.
Coded in Three.js.

My developer tools include so far Three.js, d3, CSS, jQuery, HTML5. 
And here below is my lab with experiments and projects! Enjoy.

Mosaico Stellare


A Three.js experiment, fetching images from the Cassini NASA archive and displaying a spacey interactive environment. Images are clustered and infobox panels are being developed now.
It also features a colorful stop-motion like animation.

Finding Knowing Delight


Sarc:o new music album has a strong concept, and the process of discovery is the basis of this piece. 
The full project consists of: album cover, animated trailer, and interactive website.



Hi-Knowledge is a web portal dedicated to scientific data visualisation.
The idea is to offer an interactive navigation between several “nodes” of information, visualizing hierarchies and data in an engaging and interactive way.


New Berliners Names


This beta version shows a map of all the names given to newborn berliners in the years 2012-2016, divided by district. It does not represent actual births, because sometimes one child can have more than one name.

Idea and Development: Marco Bagni + Max Zimmermann


Beta version online at

Finally interactive


Moving from motion to interactive... landing page.