is an independent online resource aimed at making UK copyright law accessible to creators and members of the public.
The goal is to provide answers to the most pressing concerns creators have about copyiright, helping them understand their rights.
These concerns have been identified using two different approaches.
First, analysing over 200 online users questions about copyright and filtering those down to the most important 20. 
Second, producing 7 videos which consist of interviews with real creators about their artistic process,
thoughts and questions about copyright.
All these questions have been answered with the help of leading academics,
who produced authoritative content with a user-friendly and accessible tone:

developed by our collaborators Pomodoro



Intro Video

This video is an introducion to the project, created using element of the site as of 2013.


Produced by Bartolomeo Meletti
Concept / Design / Animation: Marco Bagni
Illustrations: Davide Bonazzi
Music / SFX: Sarc:o