Cosmic Man
the Journey of Consciousness

From stardust to the mind… and back to the stars, possibly through a higher dimension.
Ever wondered where your mind is coming from? Or what lies at the far end of the universe?
The answer might really be not very far from where you’re standing right now!

Project born out of a collaboration with Brad Raider, while creating a shot for his feature film “Kensho at the Bedfellow”. And in combination with “The journey of a photon”, we now embark on a stellar voyage that takes us down to… our third eye.
Music score by Leon Purviance.

Other neat references:
- The Cosmic Man (1959 movie)
- Purusha
- Shiva-Shakti



Design/Motion: Marco Bagni
Soundtrack: Leon Purviance
Starring: Brad Raider from the feature film "Kensho at the Bedfellow"