Customer Journey

The aim of this project was to analyze customer behaviour for an international brand.
I've worked together with a team of UX researchers and went through the steps required to build a proper Customer Journey:


Raw Data

The UX Research Team did a great job in analysing Customer Behaviours, and presented this document, rich of text, with the assignment of  visualizing it in a Customer Journey Map; luckily they didn‘t leave me alone in the process: bringing together research and design is fascinating!


Early Sketches

The original idea was to have one unique poster condensing all the journeys into one flow, but the picture became too complex:
overloaded with information and missing a visual focus.


Poster Drafts

Eventually we opted for spreading the content into four different posters, reducing selectively the amount information displayed, so that watching would be a more pleasant experience. Less is more! From a circular environment the journey took a more up-and-down shape. 


Final Layout

This is the final result, currently hanging on the client‘s wall. 
The actual content cannot be shown for privacy reasons, but still it‘s worth having a look I guess!