Going for a Song

Going for a Song tells the story of Tina and Ben, a music composer and a lyricist who create an original song and discuss how to market it. Co-directed by Professor Ruth Towse – one of the world’s leading cultural economists – Going for a Song offers authoritative and accessible sector-specific copyright guidance for music writers and composers: copyrightuser.org/going-for-a-song

Copyright Notice – The resource Going for a Song is offered with a combination of licences for its component parts: the visual elements and the accompanying texts (‘Tracks’) are distributed under Creative Commons Attribution and free for everyone to reuse (as most of the content offered by CopyrightUser.org); whereas the music retains its original licensing arrangement (for more information see Track 7). If someone intends to reuse the song Twists and Turns (or the version specially produced for our video) in their own project, they need to buy a licence from Audio Network: audionetwork.com/browse/m/track/twists-and-turns_12460

Credits Video

Directed by Bartolomeo Meletti and Ruth Towse
Script: Kenny Barr, Bartolomeo Meletti, Ruth Towse
Art Direction & Animation: Marco Bagni
Storyboard & Illustrations: Sophie Natta
Copyright Advisor: Ronan Deazley
Production: Worth Knowing Productions Ltd

Credits Music

Original Song: Twists And Turns
Composers: Barrie Gledden / Kes Loy / Richard Kimmings
© and ℗ 2007, Audio Network Limited
Version for Going for a Song Recorded and Produced by Richard Kimmings
Performers: Kes Loy (Ben) and Lucy Kimmings (Tina)
Used under licence.
Sound Design: Sarc:o
Music Advisor: Simon Anderson
Voice-over Artists (londonvoiceover.co.uk): Anna Neale (Tina) and Duncan Wilkins (Ben)



The video ends with an innovative infographic which encapsulates the copyright aspects of the journey of a song, from its creation to its distribution. The accuracy of its content has been verified by UK leading copyright academics.

Going for a Song

Informative Tracks

The video is accompanied by seven Tracks: supplementary texts drafted by CREATe researcher Kenny Barr that provide guidance on how UK copyright law regulates the creation and distribution of music.

Going for a Song


The video was produced in partnership with the production company AudioNetwork, who offered us a synch licence to use their song Twists and Turns. We commissioned one of its original composers – Richard Kimmings – to produce a new version of the same song for this video. The new track – performed by Lucy Kimmings and Kes Loy – was designed to tell the story of a song from its creation to its distribution, with a view to explaining the various copyright aspects of this journey.

Going for a Song Going for a Song Going for a Song


As usual, we like to include references to and quotations of our favourite artists and creators…

Going for a Song


Going for a Song Going for a Song Going for a Song Going for a Song Going for a Song Going for a Song Going for a Song Going for a Song Going for a Song Going for a Song Going for a Song Going for a Song Going for a Song Going for a Song Going for a Song