Infographics & Data Viz Collection

Animated Data Visualization tools for Tignum

Green City Index | Data for consumption, waste and territory for 5 continents | Client: Siemens | Made at ixtract
How do you spend your free time? - Austrian Magazine publication | Made at ixtract
Monthly updated newsletter for international client | Made at ixtract

Financial redesign

An international financial institute asked to redesign some existing infographics, so what I've translated, analyzed, adjusted the graphics with a new and coherent layout - Agency: - Zurich



Questions are the Answer

This info-visualization project brings together research and design, if ever they were not connected.
The workflow had been interesting from the early stages, so I've tried to sum it up into seven steps.
I've been working with a knowledgeable UX Team and had a chance to play with Processing, a great tool for bringing  raw data to visual life. The output is a series of posters presented to the client during a workshop, with the goal of visualizing the results of an online survey.
UX Team, Client name and actual data are kept private. Enjoy!



Pitch infographic about value of TLD domains 

Comparison between Computer Data Storage and water