Mosaico Stellare - Cassini Journey

Born as first interactive experience, this project allows for space... 
The Cassini Probe has collected some amazing shots of our solar system neighborhood, on its way to majestic Saturn.
Here we take a break and indulge in this spacey mosaic, rocketed by Emilio' beautiful lullabies.
Some uncommon-shaped stars reveal another layer in the journey (and in the sound!): currently under development, infoboxes will tell you more about this spectacular adventure, as well as about our solar system and home.

check the current version live



In-browser interactive animations rendered in real-time!
Developed in javascript, Three.js, css and jQuery.

Programming and animations: Marco Bagni
Original music: Emilio Pozzolini
Content: Bartolomeo Meletti
A Worth Knowing interactive production

Here some images that you can possibly meet during your interactive journey...